[VID] 160218 Tohoshinki History DVD「We are T ~Second Memories~」Teaser (Yunho+Changmin versions)


Avex uploaded Tohoshinki History DVD「We are T ~Second Memories~」teasers Yunho and Changmin versions today!


  • Yunho


  • Changmin



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[TVXQ! Express] “Send them your L♥ve” – Changmin’s Birthday Card ♥

Hello dear TVXQ! Express readers,

February 18th is here!! It’s our deer Changmin‘s 29th BIRTHDAY \(*> w <*)/

Happy birthday Changmin!!! We hope you have a good time with your friends, and may all your dreams and wishes come true!
We are looking forward to see you again in 2017 O(≧∇≦)O


Just like before, today we would like to inform all the dear ones who have participated in our Changmin Birthday Card Project, that our card has arrived safely at the korean post office! Just like when it was Yunho’s, it seems that Changmin is on a leave now so we can’t expect him to check it out until he returns haha

Hopefully he likes it, and enjoys the journey through your beautiful messages~

Below, we took some photos of the card’s final look! It is similar to the one we designed for Yunho’s in which the card symbolizes our TVXQ Express train!
It consists of a main card, the train’s engine with Changmin, which also serves as the container for the rest of the card, and then a chain of strings of smaller sets of cars that carry around 40 fan messages in total again~

When you do something twice, it ought to get better, right! This time round we had more time than before to follow our original design sketches and so we improved some little things here and there… It doesn’t mean we were safe from accidents ; ;! We will point them out under each photo for you~


Front. The Card with all contents displayed. Here you can see that we have trimmed the train cars along the edges instead of cutting it in round shapes, something we couldn’t do on time for Yunho’s card.

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[Instagram] 160218 TVXQ’s Makeup Artist Shares a Cute Changmin with his Birthday Cake~

Happy Birthday Changmmin!!


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