[Partial Trans] 160219 And Expected Increase in SM’s Sales When TVXQ Returns Next Year


Summary of the investment outlook by Kyobo Securities on SM’s stock price, as released on the 19th:

  • Due to SM’s upcoming entry into the Chinese market, there is a possibility of expanding growth. As such, the investment opinion was to maintain a “BUY” option while the target price was adjusted upwards to 65,000 won.
  • However, while this expanding growth was attributed to the expansion plans for SM’s debuting group, NCT, as well as their increasingly popular boy group EXO, it was added that next year, when their duo boy group, TVXQ, are discharged from the army, they are expected to contribute to an increase in sales, which is expected to result in an increase of 23% in SM’s annual sales rate as compared to this year’s. 





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[Partial Trans] 160219 Expected Decline in SM’s Financial Performance This Year Due to TVXQ’s Enlistment and Rookies Debut


SME to expand into China, to secure the driver for future growth:

SME will be setting up their operation in China via Dreammaker in Hong Kong. Their financial performance is expected to decline from the previous financial year, due to investment made for rookies debut, as well as lower income expected from Japan due to enlistment of their main powerhouse, TVXQ. About 40% of SME’s revenue are contributed from sales in Japan.





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