[Twitter/FB] 170427 Dr Hong, a Translator of the Book Changmin was seen Holding, Posted about him~

Dr. Hong Sung Soo, one of translators for the book in Korean, seems pleased after he was told from his Cassiopeia friend Changmin has been reading it

[cr: friend account via @themax218 ]


Dr. Hong commented on it on his Facebook (Sung Soo Hong : here):

Changmin from TVXQ seems to read the book so hard in light of several indexes on it


[cr: Translated by @rangrang24: 1, and 2,]

Prof Hong also tweeted (@sungsoohthe dispatch article, saying it’s become a big topic because of him
{t/n: It’s even more relevant cos of what two of the KR presidential candidates have said about LGBT people (opposes them)}

[cr: Translated by @snxy: 1, and 2,]




friend account via @themax218,
and Hong Sung Soo’s Facbook (Sung Soo Hong : here) and Twitter (@sungsooh),
Translated by @rangrang24: 1, and 2,
and Translated by @snxy: 1, and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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