[INFO] 170428 Details of The 2017 SHILLA Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! U-Know in SEOUL on 170610

The announced details for the 2017 SHILLA Duty Free FAN FESTIVAL with TVXQ! U-Know in SEOUL are as follows:

Event applications: runs from 04/28 at 17:00 to 05/05 at 23:59.
Event date: 2017/06/10 at 18:00
Event venue: The venue is Kyunghee University, Hall Continue reading

[PIC/Fanacc] 170427 東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017 ~TILL2~ Second Day at Osaka-Jo Hall

Tohoshinki film concert TILL2 2nd day at Osaka-Jo hall was held on 4/27 with two rounds (1st round starting at 14/15:00 and 2nd round starting at 18:00/19:00).

The special guests for both rounds for this day were DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki, Toho dancer Achi-san and Toho band member (Bassist) Kazuhiro Sunaga (nicknamed Kazu-san)!

Also, HAPPY 12th TOHOSHINKI ANNIVERSARY!!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧
apparently they celebrated it together with the fans at the venue with a cake~

(It’s also TB’s birthday~ > w <)



The guests with the crowds at round 1

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[Fanacc] 170428 On Yunho and Changmin Meeting up to Dine After Yunho’s Last Military Concert on their Breaks



I heard from my eonni who visited Seoul recently. After the concert on April 1, around the time that Yunho took a long break, Yunho and Changmin Continue reading

[Trans] 170428 Yunho, Changmin Once again Proving TVXQ’s Worth

Yunho, Changmin Once again Proving TVXQ’s Worth

Exemplary in military service. Through U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s sincere attitude in carrying out their duties for the 2 years of their hiatus, there is hence a high level of anticipation for the kind of handsome appearance that TVXQ will show in the future.
-details on their enlistment and 4 month gap between discharge dates omitted-

Despite being at the best of positions, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin have kept their humble attitude and through their ceaseless hardworking manner, unchanging high standards of stage Continue reading

[Trans] 170428 On Avex Surveying Venues for a Large-scale TVXQ Comeback Concert in Japan in September

Similar to the news published a month ago, the same is repeated here on avex surveying venues for concerts in September

Excerpt on agencies in Japan market due to the shift away from China:

Amongst SM’s domestic artistes, the comeback of TVXQ who draws Continue reading