[Trans] 170424 On the Unique Reason Yunho and Other Young stars are Participating in 0509 Rose Project


고아성, 김영광, 류준열, 유노윤호 / 사진=텐아시아 DB


– on the 0509 Rose Project (campaign to encourage Koreans to vote on May 9th for the new Korean president; to encourage them to actively learn about their candidate’s policies etc instead of relying just on image. 38 top actors, artistes, artists and directors participated by donating their talents and those int he entertainment industry who couldn’t, offered their ideas)

Int this campaign, a point that attracted attention was that young Continue reading

[Trans] 170423 Tohoshinki’s Immovable Popularity Proven! Their Arena Film Concert Tour’s Big Success



Report on Tohoshinki’s【東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017~TILL2】Live at Yohokama Arena on 2017.04.18(TUE)

An arena tour held with a film concert. Tohoshinki; an immovable popularity.

On the 18th of April (Tuesday) 【Tohoshinki FILM CONCERT 2017~TILL2】was held at Yokohama Arena. In addition to past live videos, there was also newly-taken live videos taken for the this concert, an MC that was just for the concert-goers, and new comments. Even just for a film concert, Yokohama Arena was filled with 15,000 concert-goers, which was full-house for its 2 rounds in the day and night, clearly showing TVXQ’s overwhelming popularity and drawing power.

-part on the ments shared by the special guests have been translated and shared before so are omitted- {p/n: Check out posts 1 and 2}

When the main portion begins, the venue is filled Continue reading