[Trans] 170410 U-Know Yunho Discharge D-10, a Monster Returns~

 U-Know Yunho Discharge D-10, a Monster Returns~

The discharge of U-Know Yunho, who is going to return as a monster, is coming up in 10 days.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho entered the Army Training Camp on the 21st of July, 2015, and was deployed to the army band of the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division in Gyeonggi-do, Yangju to fulfil his military duties. Already, the 21 months of military service is soon ending and on the 20th, he will be discharged.

Although it was a relatively late enlistment, U-Know Yunho who is known to have a sincere attitude and an upright personality both as an artiste and as a person, continued to show it in the army. At the time of exiting his training camp where he had received basic training, he was selected as best trainee, and during the course of earnestly serving his military duties, attained above the required 90 points in all the subjects of marksmanship, fitness, psychological aptitude and combat, earning the title of Special Class Solider.

Along with the honour of being Special Class Solider, he was promoted to Sergeant and became squad leader as well, showing his leadership even in the army. Army mates who have spent his army life together with him, have shared behind-the-scenes stories from here and there, once again proving his dependable self. Continue reading

[Non-fanacc] 170410 On Encountering a Handsome Yunho, from a Part-timer at DDP~

A part-timer working at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) shared her experience on meeting Yunho~



Yunho was spotted by OP (part-timer) at DDP! he asked for the price of a baby carrier (OP wondered if he has a niece/nephew) and bought many ballpens from Monami (stationary shop at DDP) he’s really Continue reading