[PIC] 170401 Sergeant Yunho for 26th Division Concert at Yangju Culture and Arts Centre (Part.1)

Our sergeant Yunho is currently emceeing and would be performing at the Concert for Citizens and Army Personnel held at Yangju Culture and Arts Centre!! Fans has spotted his parents and his sister Jihye (with her husband) attending ^^~
This could be his last public event as a soldier! wish you all the best~



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[PIC] 170331 Corporal Constable Changmin at the Seodaemun Police Station for a Ceremony~

both of our boys are looking extra handsome these days (*o> w <)o!!


Changmin at a youth awards ceremony for the prevention of cybercrime at the Seodaemun Police Station, Donghae is also there.

OP says changmin and him are completely good-looking ^^




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