[Audio/Trans] 170421 Kangta Congratulates Yunho on his Discharge Through MBC’s “Starry Night” Radio Show

From MBC Kangta’s Starry Night!


Kangta: Congratulations on your discharge. Of course being discharged itself is great, but the best part of being discharged is that… U-Know Yunho is someone who does lots of overseas activities. Before Continue reading

[Trans] 170421 Yunho to be Part of a Non-profit Campaign to Encourage Public to Vote in the Presidential Elections



English Summary:

The “0509 Rose Project” to promote no support, no guarantee’ is a campaign aimed at encouraging people from all walks of life to vote. {t/n: the upcoming elections is to replace ousted ex-resident park geun hye who has been indicated with charges of bribery/corruption and the KR people protested for months for her impeachment so the elections will be very important}. This is also to raise awareness of the tendency of people to vote by relying too much on the image without understanding the real basis of the candidate’s policies.

The project will showcase photos and videos and includes 38 directors and generations across Korea who represent the country including foreigners, naturalised citizens, working mothers, students and NGO representatives. The stars took photos for the week from April 15 to April 21, in a while, black, and gray T-shirt with a ballot Continue reading

[PIC/Fancam] 170420 Changmin for the “Seoul Promotions Units S/S” at Hyundai Dep Store – Mokdong (Part.3)

Today was the Seoul Promotions Units S/S (Safety Seoul) concert at Hyundai Department Store – Mokdong branch. Changmin solo covered M.C the Max’s No matter where (어디에도) ~
At the end when they all stood on the stage with the boards, he waved to fans as he left, and the unit chief also held his hand to wave more > w <! You can see him waving his fans from inside the bus as it was leaving too~
It seems like someone asked changmin if he has stopped being posuni and he apparently said it’s not his duty to anymore haha [cr: @Vyoback, Translated by @snxy]

In the first photos below, you can see something that looks probably like lingual braces. If so, then we’re not sure since when he had them. He did had his wisdom teeth extracted last year, so that could be related~


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[Trans/Fanacc] 170420 Yunho’s Talk to Press and Fans at his Military Discharge Ceremony Today

This post compiles pieces of Yunho’s speech in front of the fans! Some of them are as reported from the press and some of them are as reported from fans who were there, streamed the event, or translated the shared videos.  Yunho said that he has been meeting up with Changmin each break and preparing for TVXQ’s comeback!!! Also, for today (20th) he is to spend it with his family at Seoul~
since only news article’s quotes will be linked, you could consider the rest as fanaccounts/direct video translations~



Fanaccount and Translation by @snxy:

  • “Discharge” U-Know Yunho, the returning SM’s thousand soldiers and ten thousand horses [cr: OSEN via naver]
  • Army band was playing dream [cr: @tvxq_2street]
  • Yunho rolled down the window and waved bye. He brought the balloon with him. He was emotional ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • Yunho said he missed us, that he really missed us Continue reading