[PIC/Fancam] 170404 Changmin was Seen at SUM Cafe Today~

Off duty Changmin was spotted at SUM Cafe! He seems to be with some staff, bowing respectfully to the cashier~


OP thought it was a handsome person with a small face in black clothes that came and it was Changmin! No words cause surprise

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[Compilation] 170403 Officer Changmin Converting High School Students to Fans in an Anti-School Violence Event~

Corporal constable Changmin performed with Seoul promotions unit at a girls high school for an anti-school violence event. He was the MC again as Siwon is not present, and seems like our boy has just charmed his way into the hearts of a lot of high school girls ^ w ^





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[Trans] 170403 News Article on Yunho’s Discharge and Return on April 20th! Trending on Naver Main~


One of the representative K-pop idol groups, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho (31 Jung Yunho) will be returning to society this month. U-Know Yunho will have finished his active duty and be discharged on the 20th. Prior to this, Continue reading

[PIC/Fancam] 170402 Changmin with Police Promotions Unit for Asan City Event at Yi Sun-sin Stadium (Part.3)

Our corporal constable Changmin who was present for Asan City event at Yi Sun-sin Stadium as an MC and a performer~




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