[PIC] 170715 Pre-Concert: Official Wrist Light for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI IN JAPAN at Kyocera Dome, Osaka


Today is the first time a Tohoshinki member is performing at Japan since Changmin’s solo performance in 2015! This time it is Yunho’s turn, we hope Bigeasts give him a warm welcome back > w <!!! The concert has just started!

Generally, for SMTown Japan concerts, only official “pink” SM light is allowed. Last time in 2015, Bigeasts still brought their red light sticks and made a red ocean when Changmin appeared. This time SM is enforcing their rule again [cr: @snxy], and it seems there are now official wrist lights distributed on the seats whose colours will be controlled wireless-ly by SM (they resemble the ones used in Tohoshinki’s Nissan’s).

Regardless, we hope Bigeasts cheer him loudly and enjoy with him today’s much-awaited stage ^^


This is the wrist light we talked about, below it shows the red for Tohoshinki (it can light up in other SM groups’ colours):


Also, the stage seating plan:

Stamp for SMTown passport

The SMT Tokyo x SMTOWN LIVE JAPAN special ade bottle collaboration (drink included) 1,200¥ sold at venue”

[cr: @anywhere4you]


Inside venue

and same as before, fans had their own fan made goods! here’s OP’s collection


[cr: @k_shyho]


fans finding creative ways to get their red light in, since they are accessories? haha

[cr: @kuro5515]


fan drew a fanart postcard welcoming yunho back to japan and u can print it out at any 7-11 for 60yen for today~

[cr: by @raccowa, Translated by @snxy]



Here is how the wrist light colours changed manually:


[cr: @donghae_ohana]





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Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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