[VID/Trans] 170723 Yunho’s Call During the Tohoshinki AWARD 2017 LINE LIVE Broadcast~

On the 23rd at 22:00-23:00, the live broadcast of 「Tohoshinki AWARD 2017 @ LINE LIVE」 was held to announce the results of the “Tohoshinki AWARD (temporary title)” Special questionnaire, hosted by Minsil-san / DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki / TB. In addition, two Tohoshinki celebrity fans were invited as guests: Kurosawa Kazuko (from the female comedian trio Morisanchuu) and Mukaiyama Takeshi (from SOLIDEMO, Tohoshinki’s Japanese junior group in Avex).

The broadcast gathered 326 thousand live viewers, 94.9 thousand comments and 16.7 million hearts as it ended [cr: @xx__0_0__xx] (likes and comments now has exceeded that)!!! It is amazing because Tohoshinki is not present and it was announced that neither Yunho or Changmin will appear~

However, there was a surprise call from Yunho at the end of the broadcast!

The broadcast has ended, but the full video can be viewed now officially on LINE (skip the 1st minutes): here.




Yunho’s Call cut:


[cr: TVXQ06218]


[cr: @kzyc_cykzyc cy]



It can be downloaded fully: here thanks to @hibohabu ^^






These are translations either directly during the live stream or the video after it ended:


Translated by @xx__0_0__xx :

  • Yunho on the phone!!!!
  • Tsutsumi-san asked YH to make sure if it’s real YH , “how thick do you cut Soba?” and YH answered “5mm!” lolol
  • he’s midst of drama filming..
  • He’s got texts frm CM ystdy, about SMT perf CM said ‘That’s YH, That was great’, or ‘I’ll come (back) soon’..
  • YH described CM talking was like CEO of the company 🤣


Translated by @changdoll :

  • kurosawa-san asked yunho a good question! “Did you talk/email to changmin after SMT osaka?”
  • yunho said ” yes, yesterday(?) i talked(emailed?) to changmin. he gave me comments as if he was a company’s president ” 🤣
  • changmin said to yunho about his great performance at SMT osaka “that’s you! (you sure can do it!)”


Translated by @MM7608:

  • Yunho is calling in TVXQ AWARD
  • He’s calling from drama studio
  • Changmin called to Yunho yesterday
  • Kurosawa san said when YH attended SMT Osaka CM was mailed him so she asked if CM still mails him after that She asked what we want to know


Translated by @snxy:

  • Yunho made a surprise call~~ tsutsumi checked with Yunho as to how wide soba noodles should be made- Yunho:5mm [cr: @iruka0206]
  • They asked whether Yunho remembered Minsil-san and he said he called because he had to talk to Tsutsumi and Minsil-san [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Yunho is in the midst of filming his drama but as he was making his call, it’s been delayed. Yunho was surprised at the amount of ♥️s given- 12mil [cr: @iruka0206]
  • During the guests’ intro, Yunho said thank you to Kurosawa-san for always supporting them [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Takeshi (Solidemo) said thanks to Yunho and he asked why. Because he could hear his voice (through music), Yunho said he remembered him because same agency- Avex [cr: @iruka0206]
  • They asked Yunho what he ate and he said he couldn’t remember. They asked about what he mentioned re: Changmin’s message at SMTown osaka and he said yesterday, Changmin kept texting him (Yunho) ㅋㅋ changmin said having seen Yunho (post discharge) he felt he was doing great and that he too would be discharge soon [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Yunho said re: his performance Changmin was like the boss of the company and had many comments about this and that, they aren’t together now but Yunho said thanks for comments [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Yunho’s message: he’d work hard for the concert (smt tokyo) on thurs, he asked for everyone’s support and that it isn’t too long to TVXQ’s return [cr: @iruka0206]
  • Yunho: Changmin’s message said that as expected, Yunho was great, and that he (Changmin) would be discharged soon, he (Yunho) was thankful that Changmin had many things to comment on re: his costumes, what he saw from his point of view, what he felt, etc just like a company’s boss. Normally, though they also talked naturally as members, as they were now separated, he was thankful (i.e. that he was monitoring Yunho) and happy. [cr: @iruka0206]
  • At the end m, Yunho mentioned his tokyo smt concert next week and to please anticipate the return of TVXQ~
    at the end he said ‘ja ne’ (see u~) cutely ;; [cr: @kyoumo0206]


A full transcript of Yunho’ss call but in Japanese: here by @Shim_Ls2v2.







As we indicated in the post above,
Post Written, Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express
{p/n: as we do usually with tweeted translations, we complete the sentences and abbreviations translators make (because of the 140-character limit) based on our own understanding, so any possible mistakes in this repost are our own, and not the translators’}

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