[PIC/Trans] 170825 Side Stories from Katei-gahou on the Tohoshinki Press Conference at Tokyo~
















side stories from Katei-gahou:

  • Changmin-san was always in 45°angle facing Yunho-san rather than the press (of course, in that angle, he was facing the MC so it was the correct angle..) His innocence and cuteness were overloaded where we could tell how much he trusts Yunho-san as the leader (of Tohoshinki) but also his big brother.
  • Yunho-san used to be absorbed himself into conversation, and people noticed that he sat like a young boy (its really cute), but this time, he stretched one of his legs out, and he kept the posture where he could get the best out of the long jacket. While Changmin-san was answering questions, he looked relaxed (he was calm). He listened to what Changmin-san saying through the side of his ear and he was also making sure the response from the press by his other ear and both of his eyes. On the other hand, Changmin-san was nodding “Yes-yes-yes” in high speed and when someone gave him complement, he looked so shy/embarrassed and shrug his shoulders of his tall figure. We haven’t seen any adult like him who is so innocent and pure.. we were so fortunate to see this lovely side of him, that was quite different from his beautiful sitting posture that made him look noble & dignified. “It’s been only three days since I returned to the society..” Changmin-san kept saying that. But I felt that because of the special time (this precious time), they were more like themselves at this press conference. We were fortunate to be there at this very special moment.
  • Yunho-san said, “Actually, I have been thinking hard whether I should do this interview in really serious mood or in joking and laughing fun mood behind that door while you all were preparing for this press meeting.” He confessed at the end of the meeting. He made me smile just imagining him who had all ears behind the door and trying to gauge/assess the atmosphere in the room. I may sound a bit rude to him but i think he is really cute. Yunho-san is really good at grabbing people’s attention and he is a good speaker. On top of that he did everything in JPN. and immediately after that, he said, “The charm point of Tohoshinki is to keep the warm color and do our best at the same time. Therefore, today, I am so glad that we could have this meeting.. we had some jokes and good laughs. This is all because you are all kind/make us feel home. Thank you very much.” and he vowed to us. We were so impressed that they want to tell their fans how they feel and what they think, and that is their top priority.





Translated by @beriko0214: 1, 2, and 3,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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