[Non-/Fanacc] 170817 Yunho Attended Kang Dongho’s Musical “The Evil Dead” + Celebrated his Birthday

Yunho supporting his friend and celebrating his birthday~ ^^


Translated by @snxy:

  • Yunho was seen at Uniplex, he came to watch Kang Dongho’s musical, The Evil Dead

    [cr: @SY_BASE__: 1, 2 and 3 via @0206yhken]
  • Today is Kang Dongho’s birthday~ No wonder Yunho is there today~ Another actress in the musical is Shin Euijung (appeared in Goong too). [cr: @true_0212]
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[PIC] 170817 Early Preparations in front of SMPA Building for Changmin and Siwon’s Discharge Tomorrow

Although it’s been officially announced that their discharge will be done quietly and that no greeting event will happen, it seems that SMPA are taking some precautions either way. They have set up some crowd barriers to organise the area in front of the building. We can see some fans already waiting there.

Let’s hope Changmin’s discharge goes smoothly, and no accidents happen~

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[Highlights] 170817 Changmin and Siwon to Discharge Quietly with No Events; Their Members will not Attend

If fans there still wish to turn up, we hope they are very mindful of their surrounding to not risk their own safety or the public’s~

News highlights:

  • There won’t be any separate discharge event for tomorrow – Changmin and Siwon to discharge quietly
    {t/n: If anyone’s been to SMPA, it’s in a rly public and crowded area- to be expected to be honest.}

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[Trans/Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170817 Notice: Regarding Changmin’s Upcoming Discharge

{p/n: readers could refer to Donghae’s enlistment photos to see how the SMPA building location is not ideal for fans gathering at all. Issues exactly as described below are reasonable concerns, especially when it is not just cassiopeia who will be there. We hope fans respect Changmin’s wishes > <}



This is the TVXQ person in-charge.

While always being grateful to the fans who love TVXQ, this is also to provide information regarding the upcoming discharge of Choikang Changmin on August 18th.

To respect the wishes of Choikang Changmin who hopes to discharge quietly, there will not be any official event scheduled at the venue and as such, it is hoped that the fans will refrain from coming in-person. Continue reading