[Trans] 170826 CRAZY KEN BAND’s Yokoyama Ken Praises Tohoshinki’s Changmin in Latest Interview~

CRAZY KEN BAND‘s Yokoyama Ken seems to like Tohoshinki and is a Changmin fan! He once confessed to being a fan and wanting to work with them in a 2012 interview, and praised Changmin’s voice in a radio show on 2013 as well~ ^^*

News article from the Women’s Weekly – 2017/9/5 Issue

Crazy Ken Band’s Yokoyama Ken mentioned again that his favourite K-POP singer was Tohoshinki’s Changmin who had just finished his service. I think of him as wild like Eiko* or Saijo Hideki*, a little more Continue reading

[Compilation] 170826 Changmin was Spotted at SHINee’s Taemin Solo Concert “Off Sick” in Seoul

Changmin and other SM artists attended Taemin’s solo concert “Off Sick” at the Olympic park’s Olympic hall in Seoul. He was seated together with Minho, Jonghyun, and Kyuhyun.




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