[INFO] 170804 Yunho in Top 5 in Twitter Japan’s Most Tweeted Celebrity During 7/24-30 by Females in their 30s

For the last week in July, and apparently with 5407 tweets by females in their 30s~

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[Full Trans] 170804 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 3



T: First off, We got a lot of similar questios from Bigeasts.
“What do you want to eat as soon as you visit Japan next time?”
YH: Well… it is of course, ..I have been telling ppl about this whenever they ask me. It is Motsu-Nabe (a hot-pot dish with beef or polk tripes and other internal organs together with vegetables – like chinese chives, daicon and others in thick garlicky salty broth). I really want to eat it. [Motsu means tripes, tendons and other internal organs in Japanese, nabe means hot-pot dish)
T: You really like it, don’t you!? You love Motsu-nabe! w
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[Twitter/Headline] 170805 Dispatch Counts Down to Changmin Discharge + Reposts Changmin’s Book Article from April~

Few hours and it will b 12 days left ㅠㅠ!!!

Dispsatch is counting down as well, and re-posted their news from 170427 when Changmin was spotted reading a book with many book markers~ (The same news the book’s translator commented on here).

Dispatch Twitter: 13 days to discharge..?

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[Instagram] 170804 Another Meloholic Drama Staff Shares a Photo with Yunho at Filming Set~


Post Translation:

(make-up artist) Following being on the same stage as Yunho oppa {t/n: i.e. she’d probably worked as staff on a music stage before}, this time, it’s a drama shoot!! Totally exciting 😎

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[VID] 170804 METAOLOZ Shares a Compilation that include Yunho’s Drop VCR for SMTown 2017 and Others


METAOLOZ  (founded and directed by BoA’s brother SoonWook Kwon: here) shared a compilation of their 2017 works which include Yunho’s Drop and SMTown vcrs~


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