[Instagram] 170806 Old Photo of Changmin with the Artist from Drama Mimi Filming~

Changmin with the artist stand-in for him during the filming of MiMi ~ (he was the hand double for Min-woo when he drew)


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[Trans] 170806 On JEJU air’s Operating Profit for 2nd Quarter Scoring an Increase of 2448% Compared to Last Year’s

{p/n: A reminder once again that TVXQ/Yunho endorsement was announced since mid May~ ^^*}


Jeju Air announced that operating profit for the 2nd quarter of the year (April-June) is estimated to be 16.25 billion won, an increase of 2448% compared to the same period of last year. In the industry, Continue reading

[Highlights] 170806 JEJU air’s Operating Profits for Apr-Jun Rose by 25.4 Times the Amount of Apr-Jun Last Year

{p/n: TVXQ/Yunho endorsement was announced since mid May, so we can assume this is possibly a result of it~ ^^*}


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