[Eng Sub-TVXQ! Express] 170820 FROM MEMBER: To Bigeast From CHANGMIN [Trans by @snxy]

Similar to how we handled the enlistment message: Because of the Official Website’s notice on this video, which is saying that it will keep Changmin’s message for about two weeks, we will put down this post along with all the links after 2017/09/04



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[Non-/Fanacc] 170817 Yunho Attended Kang Dongho’s Musical “The Evil Dead” (Part.2)




  • OP had gone to see The Evil Dead musical yesterday {p/n: 170817} and arrived just before it started. While waiting for the elevator to arrive, there was a tall and good-looking man there, s/he realised it was Yunho when she saw the face ㅋㅋ in the elevator, he was just next to her, and as she had rushed there and was catching her breath, Continue reading