[Instagram] 170819 A KR Magazines Staff at SUM Cafe Possibly for an Interview.. with TVXQ?

The staff is one of the crew who was with Changmin in his GRAZIA photoshoot in LA, but seems to be working for different magazines.

In her post at SUM Cafe, the tags said “interview” and “TVXQ”… so probably she is interviewing them? (or changmin since he’s just discharge).


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[Trans] 170819 TVXQ’s Changmin Voted as Cutest Maknae in Kpop Survey by Japan’s Weekly Women Prime Magazine


TVXQ’s Changmin voted as cutest maknae in a Japanese Kpop survey


According to Japan’s Weekly Women’s Prime Magazine, 7500 people were surveyed on who is the cutest maknae in K-pop male groups. Changmin dominated with 1st place, garnering 977 of the votes. Continue reading