[Trans] 170826 CRAZY KEN BAND’s Yokoyama Ken Praises Tohoshinki’s Changmin in Latest Interview~

CRAZY KEN BAND‘s Yokoyama Ken seems to like Tohoshinki and is a Changmin fan! He once confessed to being a fan and wanting to work with them in a 2012 interview, and praised Changmin’s voice in a radio show on 2013 as well~ ^^*

News article from the Women’s Weekly – 2017/9/5 Issue

Crazy Ken Band’s Yokoyama Ken mentioned again that his favourite K-POP singer was Tohoshinki’s Changmin who had just finished his service. I think of him as wild like Eiko* or Saijo Hideki*, a little more charming and sexy, a singer that is (tastes/feels) like a dragon {t/n: awkward trans but refers to the quality/aura..?} He also sings well and is earnest. Recently, I don’t think there aren’t such singers anymore. I started listening to him after getting influenced by my daughter also, me as well, we both really like Changmin. We have also gone to the lives.
{t/n: *please note I’m not familiar with JP artistes so may have spelt names wrong}




Shukan Josei (Women’s Weekly) PRIME via @kyoumo0206,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express




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