[News-STARCAST] 170828 Their dignity lasts forever”… TVXQ! in Hong Kong


March 24, 2012 (Hong Kong)

TVXQ! sweeping Hong Kong

Hong Kong in 2012 was the land of TVXQ! They had a hard time moving from one place to another. And 5 years have passed. On Aug. 22, 2017, did the people forget about


Are they forgotten?

No way.


They’re still the same.


This is their power. They’re still the original idol group even years have passed. The “King of Hallyu” TVXQ! (U-Know and MAX) has come back after 2 years. 

Keywords like “First”, “within shortest time”, “Many” and “Awesome” stand for TVXQ! It’s still the same in their concerts abroad. They were the first Korean artist to dominate the top 5 domes of Japan. It even happened two times (2013 and 2015).

Well, they are still going to break their own record. They have confirmed to hold another dome tour in top 5 domes of Japan in 2017. They are the first foreign artists to hold 3 consecutive dome tours (excluding Japan).

They began with Asia Press Tour. They announced their schedule by touring Seoul→Tokyo→Hong Kong from Aug. 22 to 23. And this is what I’ve got during the event.

Here is Hong Kong International Airport. This may be the peaceful moment before the war begins. The peace and silence will soon break. Because TVXQ! is coming.

Hong Kong

They have finally arrived.

It’s an immigration center if they pass this part.

“Are you still the same, dear fans?” (U-Know)

Well, Hong Kong is the same. Their love for TVXQ! remains the same. It’s hotter than ever. You can’t pass through that place. So I wasn’t able to take any more picture of them.

“Look for MAX”


“I can see the strands of his hair”


TVXQ! did their best amidst this extreme surrounding. U-Know waved his hand while walking while MAX showed a shy smile.

“See you later” (MAX)

“TVXQ! TVXQ!” (fans)

This is a shopping mall in Hong Kong. This is where their Press Tour will be held. TVXQ! is going to announce their schedule in front of the journalists.

The Press Tour is an event for mass media. It’s not a fan meeting. But despite this fact, the fans seem to be busier than the artist.


Early fan

gets the best spot.

Meanwhile, TVXQ! 

is done with preparations.

With the protection from bodyguards,

they climbed up the stage.

I think 2 years was nothing to them. It looked like their break wasn’t a big deal after all. The fans were stronger in faith. It was the moment when both TVXQ! and fans were touched.

“We waited for this moment” (Hong Kong fans)

“Same here” (MAX)

“Capturing my man” (Hong Kong fan)

The following is their press interview. They were first asked with their feelings on visiting Hong Kong.

“We came back here in Hong Kong after 2 years. It’s an honor to greet the fans. We felt so happy when the fans welcomed us at the airport.” (U-Know)

“Hong Kong is our last destination for Press Tour. Thank you to all journalists who came here today. Please share our good news.” (MAX) 

Q. What do you want to do the most in Hong Kong?

“I think U-Know feels the same with me. We really missed our fans here. I had goose bumps after receiving extreme welcome than I expected.” (MAX) 

Q. What are your plans for your new album?

“We will be coming back as solo first. I will be releasing my solo track ‘Drop’ on Sept. 25 while MAX in new album* on Sept. 29.” (U-Know) {p/n: the word album seems to be a typo, it should be single}

“You must be curious about our new album. We are currently finalizing it for its best quality so wait a little bit more. We’ll come back to you with great songs.” (MAX) 

It’s now time to say good bye.

Saying goodbye to the fans

until they disappear.


walked the phone road made by the Hong Kong fans.

They promised for another day of meeting.
Lastly, a sequel to TVXQ! 
Do you remember the road in Paris in 2011?

Stay tuned for their night walk in Hong Kong in 2017. Coming soon!

ArticleㅣHong Kong = Kim Soo JI (Dispatch)
PhotoㅣHong Kong = Lee Seung Hoon•Kim Min Jung (Dispatch)


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