[Trans] 180102 Behind the Scenes Stories of Tohoshinki for Magazine “CREA” Part 4~

Magazine CREA Official twitter shared the 4th behind-the-scenes story from Tohoshinki’s feature in their January Issue~



Also posted on their instagram (crea_magazine): here.

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【東方神起 1月号こぼれ話④】メイキングムービーにもチラリと映っていますが、年上のユンホさんをつねに静かに見守る姿が印象的なチャンミン さん。インタビュー中は、思い溢れるユンホさんが言葉に詰まると「じゃあ、その間に僕が」と助け舟(そして口を開くと、じつは饒舌)。一方のユンホさんは、チャンミンさんが話している間に、使いたい日本語を小さな声で呟かれるのですが、そのレベルが高いんです。「矛盾。矛盾」と繰り返す声を耳にした時は驚きました。写真はブランケット包まれカット撮影中のチャンミンさん。彼のおすすめデートムービー『ワンデイ』もぜひ。人生観がすごく伝わってきます。#CREA #creamagazine #デート #東方神起 #TOHOSHINKI #TVXQ #ユンホ #UKNOW #チャンミン #changmin #Reboot #beginagain #サイン入りポラと直筆メッセージカードの応募締切は3日後の1/5です

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CREA behind the scene episode 4.

As you can see in the making movie, Changmin-san always quietly watches Yunho-san. During interview, when Yunho-san tried to find words to express himself, he gave Yunho-san help “Well then, I will talk in the meantime” But once Changmin-san opened his mouth, he was quite talkative. On the other hand, Yunho-san whispers Japanese words that he wanted to say while Changmin-san was talking, but the level of his Japanese is really high. I was really surprised to hear him saying, “Contradiction, Inconsistency”.

This is Changmin-san in branket during the photoshoot. Please watch a date movie “One Day” that he recommended. You can feel his view of life.



Tohoshinki for Japanese magazine 「CREA」- January Issue 2018 (released 171207) can be ordered from Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well).




@crea_web: 1, 2, and 3,
Translation by @beriko0214: here,
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