[Fanacc] 180127 Cute Stories about Little TVXQ/Tohoshinki Fans; the Future Cassiopeia and Bigeasts~




Shared on 180122:

She’s loved THSK since she was primary school and she promised her mom that she will register BE member by herself money so yesterday after 8 years she’s been BE.

[cr: @uknow_maxxx2, Translated by @MM7608]



Shared on 180123:

a korean elementary schoolboy (father is a fan and had brought him)’s account of Tohoshinki’s #BeginAgain at Tokyo Dome



-excerpt of a korean elementary schoolboy who attended Tohoshinki’s Begin Again concert-
“So that how I got to Tokyo Dome and see TVXQ’s concert~ I was really surprised in that place. Why that is so is because the people seemed to change into red firefly lights, shining.
And the 50,000 people in Tokyo Dome who had come to see the TVXQ hyungs, were so excited!!! For 3 hours and 30 minutes, (they/we) were not people but robots. The songs I remember the most were <Superstar>, <One More Thing>, <Ooga Chaka (OCEAN)>, <Spinning>, <Sukini, Sukine, Sukida (Easy Mind)>, <BUTTY (B.U.T), <Reboot>, I really enjoyed these songs. In particular, the videos were fun. The sight of Yunho hyung and Choikang Changmin hyung coolly defeating the devils was really memorable. Ssing! (The sound of the swords) I want to meet Yunho hyung and Changmin hyung and get their signs. So then, goodbye.

(He drew “winged angel” Yunho hyung -left- vs “winged angel” Changmin hyung -right)

Yunho’s special features:
1: cute
2) sings well
3) nice

Changmin’s special features:
1) like an angel
2) gentle
3) dances well

(Draws T-signs, his mother, his father with two T-signs and himself)


[cr: @L4gmDZEek0nwpTE, Translated by @snxy]



Shared on 180127:

Bigeast fan’s son dancing Reboot with Toho dancer, Achi-san~ after dance class, he was prepping to return home when he was asked to dance together; even took off his shoes & danced~ after that, the sight of the son being quietly happy about being asked was really cute~

[cr: @MAX0218YURI, JP-KR Translated by @kyoumo0206, KR-EN Translated by @snxy]




as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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