[PIC/Partial Trans] Tohoshinki’s Interview for Choa, Yunho on their Bond: “become a lot more stronger than that in the past”


Tohoshinki was featured in Japanese magazine Choa – Issue 67 (January issue 2018), which was released on 180130, for a 5-page interview and live concert report on their Osaka finale on 1/21. You can order the magazine from amazon Japan: here .


Below is the context for the previous excerpt translation from the interview:

Translation of an excerpt from choa issue 67:

Yunho: … therefore I am grateful to Changmin for being here right next to me. I do not say this very often but I want to be grateful to both of us that we continue to work hard. I knew too well that Changmin completes Tohoshinki. And.. the part where we are bonded has become a lot more stronger than that in the past and I want thank him ..I am grateful to him for that. I feel shy tell him about these feelings of mine in person so I speak out on stage.


[cr: Excerpt Photo by @6131sim,Translated by @beriko0214]


preview photos from the magazine were also shared by @nikkan_t_hanbai:



Excerpt Photo by @6131sim,
Translated by @beriko0214,
Magazine Preview photo by @nikkan_t_hanbai,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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