[VID/Trans] 180408 TV Channel Alarabiya’s Sabah Alarabiya’s Report: SMTOWN Live, the Biggest Korean Concert in Dubai

Middle East TV news channel Alarabiya reporting on SMTown live in Dubai via their morning show “Sabah Alarabiya”, which has previously featured a interview with TVXQ (interview subbed here and here).



  • #Sabah_Alarabiya: SMTOWN Live, the Biggest Korean Concert in Dubai

Partial Translation:

The news reported SMTown Live in Dubai as the biggest Kpop concert held there, gathering over than 10 thousands people. Most of which were Arabic and Khaleeji ( from the Arabic Gulf ) girls as well as families, as the concert suits the Arabic culture. Also, it mentioned the concert hashtag  topping the trends in different Arabic countries with about one million tweets.

The artists did many solo or group performances with a total of over 50 song, lasting over 5 hours while receiving a non-stopping excitement from the audience. In addition, it mentioned the meaning of different colours for light sticks in kpop concerts and how fans use it when it is the designated artist’s turn. 

The artists expressed their joy upon visiting Dubai for the first time, and their desire to come again with several different performances.



AlArabiya قناة العربية,
AR-EN Translation by @smilessi (All translation mistakes are mine),
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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