[PIC/Trans] 180427 Bigeast Website Update FROM MEMBER: Messages to Bigeasts from Members Arrived!

Congratulations on the 13th anniversary Tohoshinki! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

■FROM Yunho

Hello Bigeasts!
Long time no see, I am Yunho.
Today is the 13th anniversary since Tohoshinki debuted in Japan.
First of all, thank you so much! I have been very happy to feel your love (towards us) that has never changed since I returned here together with Changmin.
When I look back, we had happy times or we were feeling lonely and sad. But with your support, we were able to come this far. From now on, I’ll continue to care about you and I won’t forget what state of mind that I was in at first. I will do my best!
Please continue to support us! ♡


■FROM Changmin

To Bigi-san
This is Changmin. How have you been?
While I haven’t been able to see you, we are celebrating our 13th anniversary since we debuted in Japan. We experienced a lot, sometime we cried, sometime we laughed…
Because we share a lot of memories with you, I believe that we have this place right now. Thank you so much! Without paying much attention, we grew older every year and we cannot stay young forever.. but I guess it is the same to you all Bigi-san. Therefore, we should walk together and walk at our and your own pace.




Tohoshinki Official Fanclub Bigeast Website,
Translated by @beriko0214: here and here,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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