[News-Soompi] 171005 Changmin on SJ; Competition in K-pop; Yunho’s Hilarious Encounter With EXO And BTS Fans

TVXQ’s Changmin Reveals Why He Sometimes Wants To Become A Member Of Super Junior

TVXQ’s Changmin revealed a funny reason why he sometimes wants to become a member of labelmate Super Junior.

TVXQ and Lee Seung Chul are set to appear on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” on October 5 for the show’s “Return of the Legends” Chuseok special.

During the episode, Changmin revealed that he and Yunho end up in a lot of interesting situations because they have completely different personalities. He said, “I have a hard time because Yunho is too energetic. He gets called ‘passion chaebol‘ or ‘king of passion’ by everyone around him.” About himself, Changmin revealed, “I don’t like competing. I prefer to take a step back and just go at my own pace.”

It might be because of this difference in personalities, but Changmin confessed that he has wanted to become a member of Super Junior before. He explained that since it’s just the two of them and Yunho is so goal-oriented and passionate, he sometimes envies the free atmosphere that Super Junior members enjoy.

Changmin said, “I’d even pay to be a member of Super Junior just once.” While everyone else was laughing, Yunho looked serious as he said, “It made me angry to hear that. We worked so hard to create our ‘TVXQ’ brand, so why does he want to go somewhere else?” Changmin shook his head and said, “See? I said it as a joke and he took it so seriously,” using their interaction to show how different their personalities are.

The two members of TVXQ are expected to drop more truth bombs about each other, and fans will be able to enjoy their hilarious conversations on October 5 at 11:10 p.m. KST.


[Source: 헤럴드POP via naver]


TVXQ Talks About Competition And Changes In K-Pop

On October 5, TVXQ appeared on “Happy Together” to talk about various topics, including changes in the K-pop industry over the years.

Yunho talked about a change in K-pop lately that shocked him. He said, “The number of members [in groups] increased.” He said he thought TVXQ had a lot of members with five people in the group back then and admitted he had felt dizzy when he saw how many members were in Super Junior.

Yunho mentioned I.O.I and Wanna One, recent K-pop groups that are known for having many members. He said, “I felt pressured that I would fall behind the times if I didn’t learn their names quickly.” When host Yoo Jae Suk said he has to study their names now, Yunho joked, “I have to study like I’m preparing for my SATs.”

Host Park Myung Soo asked Changmin how he felt when he saw Wanna One, and Changmin made everyone laugh by replying, “I have no sense of rivalry [with them]. I hope they will walk their own path.”

Host Jun Hyun Moo pointed out that Yunho might think differently. Yunho admitted, “We still have to show the years of experience of people our age. New generation and new methods aren’t always the best.” He added, “The moment those things and our knowledge combine, a new civilization will be developed.”

Following their discharge from the military, TVXQ recently released solo songs via SM STATION by both Yunho and Changmin. The duo is also set to appear on JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” and “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”. Yunho will also be in a drama entitled “Meloholic” that will start airing on November 6.


[Source: KBSEntertain:here]



TVXQ’s Yunho Talks About His Hilarious Encounter With EXO And BTS Fans

On the October 5 broadcast of KBS2’s “Happy Together,” TVXQ members Changmin and Yunho made their first variety show appearance since being discharged from the military. They appeared on the Chuseok special episode alongside veteran singer Lee Seung Chul.

During the show, Yunho revealed a funny episode when he went to the amusement park during one of his breaks while serving in the military. Yunho said, “I saw a group of girls arguing whether ‘EXO is better’ or ‘BTS is better.’ I had a mask on and wanted to include TVXQ in the argument so I approached the girls and asked them what they thought of TVXQ.”

Yoo Jae Suk then asked Changmin what he would have done and he made everyone laugh when he answered, “I do not want to get involved in someone else’s fight.”

Yunho asked the girls if they knew TVXQ, to which the girls answered that of course they did. They described TVXQ as a group who’s good at singing live and put on great performances, but that they were a little old and that EXO and BTS were more handsome. Shocked, Yunho said he told them TVXQ is not old and that TVXQ is taller.

Soon, the girls got suspicious and asked, “But ahjussi [middle-aged man], why do you keep talking about TVXQ?” and he responded, “I’m not an ahjussi!” He then took off the mask and told them that he is TVXQ’s Yunho, forgetting that he had gained some weight on his face and didn’t look quite like he does in photos at the moment.

The girls didn’t believe him and said, “We know what Yunho looks like and he has a smaller face [than you] and big eyes.” After persuading them about how he knows EXO members’ phone numbers, they believed him and promised to support TVXQ. He also promised them he would talk about this incident on a talk show.

After listening to Yunho’s story, Changmin commented, “He’s very different from me. I don’t believe that everyone in the nation has to know who I am.”


[Sources: KBSEntertain: here, and TV Daily]




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