[Instagram] 160228 Dancer Choi Hyoje Wants Changmin to Come Back Quickly~


TVXQ Dancer Choi Hyoje shared a clip of Changmin during Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary event (from We are T 2nd DVD), in which he was talking about what dancers meant to him and Yunho, and said that “they(yunho+him) have never thought of the dancers/band as “backing” but as their pride; their dancers/band.”




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#도련님 #빨리와 #심심해 #심창군

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Translation of Hyoje’s post:

come back quick, i miss you, i’m bored, soldier changmin

{t/n: 심심해 = bored but also a pun on Changmin’s surname, 심 도련님 = young master (yunho’s big master? ㅋ) }






Full Translation of Changmin’s speech:

I really want everyone to stop saying this (that they are just backing support?). There was never a time where the both of us thought that you all are just are out backing (support)… To the both of us, you all are not our backing dancers, or backing band, but you all the dancers and bad of our pride.

[cr: Translated by @joeylfy]






Choi Hyoje’s Instagram (choihyoje),
Translated by @snxy: 1, 2 and 3,
Changmin’s Speech Translated by @joeylfy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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