[INFO] 180123【Bigeast Official Shop Limited】東方神起「THE GOLD MISSION」Release on 2018/2/21 (Wed) Decided!

Bigeast Official Shop limited release of Tohoshinki「THE GOLD MISSION」on 2018/2/21 (Wed) has been decided!

「THE GOLD MISSION」, the 2015-2017 Bigeast website limited series will be released on two DVDs as Volume 1&Volume !


【Bigeast Official Shop Limited】2018.2.21 Release

◆「THE GOLD MISSION -Volume 1-」
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POS: 498806479442/3
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[PIC] 170602 Tohoshinki’s Signatures at the Places they Visited in Chichibu for the Gold Mission in 150330

Fan visited some of the places Tohoshinki went to at Chichibu, Saitama, for the current Gold Mission! It seems that they went there on 150330 as their signatures indicate~


This is from the kart racing place, which we will be seeing in the next episode:

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[PIC/Fanacc] 170427 東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017 ~TILL2~ Second Day at Osaka-Jo Hall

Tohoshinki film concert TILL2 2nd day at Osaka-Jo hall was held on 4/27 with two rounds (1st round starting at 14/15:00 and 2nd round starting at 18:00/19:00).

The special guests for both rounds for this day were DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki, Toho dancer Achi-san and Toho band member (Bassist) Kazuhiro Sunaga (nicknamed Kazu-san)!

Also, HAPPY 12th TOHOSHINKI ANNIVERSARY!!! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ*:・゚✧
apparently they celebrated it together with the fans at the venue with a cake~

(It’s also TB’s birthday~ > w <)



The guests with the crowds at round 1

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[Twitter] 170317 Gold Mission MC Dorians’ Tsutsumi-san on Yunho Ad-libbing the Coffee Mission~

Dorians’ Tsutsumi-san, the gold mission mc, tweeted on how yunho had completely ad-libbed during gold mission 41 (the coffee making); no script used at all.






DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki’s twitter ( @DORIANS223),
Translated by @snxy,
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[Twitter/Fanacc] 160520 DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki, Gold Missions’ MC, Attended Yesterday’s 東方神起 FILM CONCERT TILL in Tokyo




DORIANS’s Tsutsumi-san tweeted after watching #tohotillo520 show: Continue reading

[Twitter] 160319 DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki Wrote about the GOLD Mission Filming in Higuchi Tofu





Hello everyone of Bigeast! Many thanks to Higuchi Tofu-san who gave us a warm welcome and allowed us to film a lot at their cute store ☆ it was raining at the venue on filming day. In the bus, Continue reading