[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 151202 From Star: [MAX] Loyalty! It’s Trainee Shim Changmin





To. Cassiopeia Comrades 

충성! (Loyalty!) It’s xx Regiment, xx Company, xx platoon, xx Squad no. 54 Trainee Shim Changmin.
Are you doing well? I am doing very well. I’ve become close to my platoon-mates, my squad-mates; the food too, as it suits my tastes, so I’ve been eating it well like mad.
As my way of speaking is harsh, so please understand! By nature, soldiers speak in a more soldierly and cooler way. As I want to speak in a cooler way, I am also in the midst of working hard.

First! On the day I enlisted, (and?) in the future, the fans that will be supporting me for nearly 1 year and 9 months, thank you very much. And… uhm… this is not blaming those people that did not come on the day of my enlistment. Just, well… haha.. Only limited to people I know..

First, to the family I love, the members of the agency that I love! Uhm… Ja! From here, this is important. Just, well… from now, for these people that I call by name; it absolutely! doesn’t mean I am asking everyone of the fans to remember them or that “these people are good” and such words…

I just want to share my quiet rambling… To Teukie-hyung who folded and gave me a letter bashfully like a girl; Kangin-hyung who was unrestrainedly teasing me who was nervous; my love, the impudent Cho Kyu (Kyuhyun); my own family who didn’t cry but absurdly, his eyes were welling up in vain although he was trying not to; our woeful Choi Minho who I love; my cherished ♡dongsaeng Xiumin-seok-ie♡ Personally, the one who I have very, extremely high expectations for, Baekhyun-ie, the really pretty (good) dongsaeng, Chen, who came even without being asked and touched me; The ridiculous Choi Mi-no Mi-no, next Nae Jongsuk hyung-nim who made the red-eyed (tearful) me into One Piece’s Aceㅋㅋ…

Ah! He did not come but unexpectedly… the cute Chan-yeol-ri who called me immediately after returning from China ^^

Well.. I am never! absolutely! completely! really not saying that I especially cherish these people…

Just well.. quietly… really quietly.. these are likely to be in my memories for a long time…

And every time I see fans’ letters of support, I get strength.

Our lovely Cassiopeia! Since it’s fun, I will call you, Cavely (Cassiopeia + Lovely). That’s it! ♡

P.S. Here, our Red Velvet friends are really popular; I feel really proud.

P.P.S Although Masi (Siwon’s nickname)-won hyung and I are in different companies, we seem to have become best firends…





TVXQ! Official Website and SMTown,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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