[Soompi] 151204 TVXQ’s Changmin Really Misses Yunho and Food



TVXQ’s Changmin Really Misses Yunho and Food

TVXQ‘s Changmin sent another handwritten letter to fans from the military.

On December 4, another letter that Changmin addressed to Cassiopeia was posted on TVXQ’s official website. In the letter, Changmin spoke about how he misses his fans and also his one and only bandmate Yunho.


But first, after boasting that he became the squadron leader, he goes on to speak at great length about food, saying, “Are you all taking in enough food in preparation for the winter? A few days ago, they gave us fried chicken and I thought I was going to lose my mind…” He then laments, “Here, ‘beer and chicken,’ ‘spicy fried chicken,’ and ‘pizza,’ etc… all of the ‘food of society’ that is as plentiful as the number of stars in the sky feels like the ‘food of the gods.’ So finish your food, eat everything, and just exercise!”

On a more serious note, he says, “I miss my Cassiopeia, and I miss our ‘U-know ti~~~me’ Yunho hyung as well. I keep thinking that he felt the value and gratitude for things that I took for granted before I did, and I think, ‘Is he doing well~’ tonight.” However, his appetite takes over once again and he writes, “Ah… tonight… I also think about chicken and beer tonight~”

He then teases, “My mystery level may fall if I update you too often, so [perhaps I’ll write] less often…?”

Do you think you miss Changmin more than Changmin misses good food?






Soompi (Written by kiddy_days, Source: SMTown),
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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