[Instagram] 160122 TVXQ Dancer Hyoje Misses the Boys, and Toho Dancer Achi Praises “Ode to My Father”


Choi Hyoje’s Instagram (choihyoje):


#오랜만에 #동방패딩 #TVXQ #생각나서 #보고싶다

A photo posted by 최효제. Dancer. Choreographer. (@choihyoje) on



“it’s been a long time. Tvxq padding (jkt). Tvxq. Came to mind. Miss them.”

Labels on the Jacket:

無敵DANCER and 無敵東方神起 which translate to: invincible dancer and invincible TVXQ




Achi’s Instagram (achiwilder):


昨日見たけど、すげーいい映画だった。4.5回泣いた。 – #국제시장 #2015 #movie

A photo posted by Achi rockwilder 阿知和 真吾 (@achiwilder) on



toho dancer achi-san watched yunho’s international market yesterday, said it was a good movie; cried 4.5x




Choi Hyoje’s Instagram (choihyoje) and Achi’s Instagram (achiwilder),
Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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