[Fancam/Fanacc] 170413 Changmin for the “Seoul Promotions Units S/S (Safety Seoul)” at Hyundai Hyundai Department Store – Mia Branch

For the Seoul Promotions Units S/S (Safety Seoul) at Hyundai Hyundai Department Store – Mia branch, Changmin together with Donghae and the unit members performed Super Junior’s Oppa oppa and rokkugo








[cr: @mj81208]


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Fanaccount by @snxy:

  • They r playing changmin’s hope for classroom?s that dance vid ㅋㅋ
  • cos it’s a safety concert – so the mc is going on about public safety issues such as drink-driving, domestic violence etc
  • Donghae on stage for Uptown Funk now
  • Whoa this police beatboxer won some competition in new york before. seems the prev one discharged cos he’s new
  • Still not changmin. Next stage after this will be his.
  • Posuni isn’t changmin, it’s the female mc ^^
  • Police promo unit stage started but hip-hop dancers not changmin yet
  • ㅜㅜ event is supp to be 90 mins. does this mean changmin will only perf once and leave?
  • Also magician is new. seems a lot of ppl discharged
  • where’s changmin ㅠㅠ supp to end already
  • Changmin IS SO HANDSOME

  • preview rokugo

  • eye contact ㅠㅠㅠ

  • oppa oppa

  • changmin ‘s side profile ㅠㅠ so handsome. Tho it was a short time ㅠㅠ he was smiley today

  • changmin coming out for the ending

  • changmin during the lucky draw / donghae and him took turns to present the prizes

  • tho we waited for so long and changmin only performed rokugo+oppa, it was worth it. So handsome and smiley ㅜㅜ esp in his uniform
  • at the end, as they walked off the stage, changmin waved to the fans. donghae too, was so polite, bowing and waving.
  • please drive nicely ㅋ handsome bb





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