[Trans] 170423 Tohoshinki’s Immovable Popularity Proven! Their Arena Film Concert Tour’s Big Success



Report on Tohoshinki’s【東方神起 FILM CONCERT 2017~TILL2】Live at Yohokama Arena on 2017.04.18(TUE)

An arena tour held with a film concert. Tohoshinki; an immovable popularity.

On the 18th of April (Tuesday) 【Tohoshinki FILM CONCERT 2017~TILL2】was held at Yokohama Arena. In addition to past live videos, there was also newly-taken live videos taken for the this concert, an MC that was just for the concert-goers, and new comments. Even just for a film concert, Yokohama Arena was filled with 15,000 concert-goers, which was full-house for its 2 rounds in the day and night, clearly showing TVXQ’s overwhelming popularity and drawing power.

-part on the ments shared by the special guests have been translated and shared before so are omitted- {p/n: Check out posts 1 and 2}

When the main portion begins, the venue is filled a full-scale production, which feels like a series of spaces that like a world of images, with colourful lighting and laser beams, special effects explosions and so on, giving a full sense of realism. The video which was re-made with a mix of the past 4 tours, revived memories and impressions of each tour, making one relaise clearly that as time passed, the performance of the two of them had evolved. Also, from amongst the ending songs of each tour, before the (film) concert started, the audience could take part in  a fan-participating event by helping to decide the final song for each (film) concert (round) through applause by majority decision. During the main part, for about 2 hours, 15,000 concert goers {t/n: referring to a single round}, rose up, switched on Tohoshinki’s theme red colour pen-light and cheered, showing an excitement that was like that of a live’s.

At their ments of “I am happy I can go around the country from the film concert, actually I wanted to do a (live) while looking at your faces” (Changmin), “When (everyone is) watching this video wouldn’t I be preparing to return to (activities) then? I would be going soon!” (Yunho); cheers resembling screams arose, allowing the experience of the immovable popularity of Tohoshinki and the exceptional feeling of anticipating when it came to them. The film concert, which began at Makuhari Nesse Event Hall on March 18 (Sat), had 18 performances in 5 locations throughout the country. It will be held on April 26 (Wednesday), 27 (Thurs) at Osaka-jo Hall, and Saturday, April 29 (Sat), and Sunday 30 (Sun), mobilising a total of 130,000 people.


{t/n: some of the stage descriptions were confusing, so.. hope i got the point across. 😡 sorry}





Excite Japan News,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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