[VID] 171010 TVXQ! and Others’ Support Message to Siwon’s tvN Drama “Revolution”






Hello, this is TVXQ.
Yunho: Finally!
Changmin: yes
Yunho: The day is coming!
Changmin: you know what is coming right?
Yunho: it is what Kang Sora-sshi, Gong Myoung-sshi,
Changmin: and the great actor..
TVXQ: Choi Siwon-sshi~ is doing
Changmin: It’s not just love.. but a Revolutionary Love
Yunho: A Revolutionary Love~ is coming
TVXQ: /claps/
Yunho: as it is personally guided by the king of romantic comedies, director-nim Song Hyun-wook
Changmin: as he is the king?
Yunho: he is the king
Changmin: that is incredible
Yunho: really anticipating it.. 9PM on (Saturday) night
Changmin: hope for a lot of love and interest to be shown for it.

[cr: Translated by @snxy]

official video link: here.




Video via @jminyam,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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