[VID/Trans] 171004 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 2

How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~ part.2!


“How to TOHOSHINKI” Changmin Part 2

T: Okay, I will give you the first question.
T: What do you want to eat first in Japan? So you had a press conference in Korea, then came to Japan and you also did press conference. I know your schedule is pretty tight but did you eat something in Japan?
CM: Well, it has been only three hours since we arrived in Tokyo.. see its real time story.
T: Yes, true. How many days has passed since you came back?
CM: 3 days
T: 3 days. So its only three days and three hours in Japan. I assume that you have not eaten any Japanese food.
CM: No, not really. Continue reading

[Trans] 171004 ‘Happy Together 3’ TVXQ! U-Know Yunho, “had a Request to Become a Professional Soldier”



The special Chuseok feature that would be aired on the 5th of October on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3’, would consist of “HaToDong-The return of the legend” and ‘The Legendary Jo Dongrim- Sing My Song: 2nd edition of the Legend Continue reading

[INFO] 171003 TVXQ’s Upcoming Variety Shows’ Broadcast Dates Revealed! The Earliest, Happy Together 3, on 171005~

TVXQ went to Japan now to prepare for the Begin Again tour, but their variety shows are coming! Make sure not to miss them > w <!!!

  • 2017.10.05: KBS-2TV “Happy Together 3” at 11:10 PM (KST)
  • 2017.10.14: jtbc-TV “Knowing Bros” at 08:50 PM (KST)
  • 2017.10.25: jtbc-TV “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” at 10:50 PM (KST)

To watch TVXQ’s “Happy Together 3” episode on KBS 2TV on PC:

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