[Trans] 171009 Tohoshinki to Sing Japanese OST for Comeback Work of Inoue Mao


On the 9th, Japan’s Nikkan Sports reported that “Tohoshinki would be singing the theme song for Inoue Mao’s comeback work “Tomorrow’s Promise”. The song “Reboot” by Tohoshinki who has resumed Japanese activities after 2 years away in the army, has been used as the theme song for “Boys Over Flower”‘s Inoue Mao small-screen comeback work Continue reading

[VID] 171008 Tohoshinki for TV Asahi’s「MUSIC STATION」2-hour Special Artist Lineup on 171013!

Tohoshinki are scheduled for TV Asahi’s「MUSIC STATION」 two-hour Special to perform Why? Keep Your Head Down on 171013 at 08:00 PM (JST).

Tohoshinki to appear with artists such as Arashi and EXILE’s Takahiro.





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[VID] 171009 Tohoshinki’s New Song “Reboot” as the Theme Song for JP Drama “Ashita no Yakusoku”

Tohoshinki’s new song「Reboot」as the theme song for Japanese drama 「Ashita no Yakusoku」 !!

news on mezamashi Aqua:

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News on drama website: here


This Fuji TV drama’s first episode will be on 10/17 at 21:00, let’s hope for a longer preview~ > w <



also this clip:

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