[Partial Trans] Yunho for JP Magazine “Hanryu Pia” November Issue 2017 (Released 171021)

Yunho was featured in the November issue of JP magazine “Hanryu Pia”, released on 10/21~
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Partial Translation:

Hanryu Pia Magazine Nov 2017 issue “Return of a stoic man, the start of a new chapter Yunho (Tohoshinki)” 

{t/n: Due to my busy schedule, I am unable to translate the whole text. This covers only Q&A parts.}

When I showed him the issue of Monthly Skyper where they were on the front cover,
YH: 2011? Wow, we were very young. We haven’t changed? Really? (laugh)

YH: When I took the offer for Melo Horic as my comeback work, I thought that it was a bit of challenge to me. The lead role “Uno” that I played became very popular after an incident, but I need to play his previous character, afterward character, and another character after he falls in love with a woman.. he has many different characters/colors so the role seems to be very challenging to me. But this diversity in his character is the charm point of this role and I also like that he is also innocent. I am a bit embarrassed to say this by myself but I think we have something common (laugh). In addition, this drama has many different features. It is a love comedy but it is also a thriller. It has a funny side and a dark side. The amount of dialogue is huge (laugh). I was interested in this drama and I made up my mind to take this opportunity. Continue reading

[Trans] Tohoshinki for JP Magazine 『anan』10/25 Issue 2017 (Released 171018) (FULL)

Tohoshinki Comeback Special for Japanese magazine 『anan』Issue No.2074  was released on 171018!
Below is a translation of the full interview! We have arranged the text in the way it appears in the magazine~
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Please make sure to thank the translator for translating the full interview \ (*^ω^*)/



“This is another turning point for us. I feel strongly that we can make a huge step up the ladder.”




“I missed the heat, breaths and sweat in our live show. Right now, I am truly enjoying to get back together and restart our activities.”



For the first time in two years hiatus, the two of them has resumed their activity.
Are they pushing hard on “bromance”?

– Long time no see. I have been looking forward to seeing you.
YH: Thank you! I realized that I am back at work after having photoshoot for a magazine.
CM: I was toonaive to anticipate that I would have some free time after I discharged. But people in my office are not too kind to me (laugh). Even today, until 5 o’clock in the morning, we were shooting video that would be shown at our live tour…
– And you were already in the studio by noon.
CM: Yes, I am back.. and it is not too easy for me (laugh). Continue reading

[VID] 171023 FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ CM Playing at all 5 Oogata Vision’s Screens at Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Here’s another video of Tohoshinki Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ CM playing simultaneously at all of the five Oogata Vision’s screens at Shibuya scramble crossing!!

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[VID] 171023 Tohoshinki Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ CM Playing at One of Oogata Vision’s Screens, Shibuya

Tohoshinki Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ CM was spotted playing at one of Oogata Vision’s screens, located at Shibuya scramble crossing. Fan heard someone saying “Cool~”

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[News-Soompi] 171023 WATCH: TVXQ’s Yunho Can’t Handle Kyung Soo Jin’s Split Personalities In #MeloHolic

WATCH: TVXQ’s Yunho Can’t Handle Kyung Soo Jin’s Split Personalities In #MeloHolic

OCN’s upcoming drama “Melo Holic” has revealed teasers of Kyung Soo Jin in her double role.

Watch the latest trailer:



In the teasers, Kyung Soo Jin transforms Han Ye Ri to Han Joo Ri. She throws away her glasses and lets her hair loose, fully showcasing her charm and second personality.

The character Han Ye Ri is someone who is popular Continue reading

[Eng Sub-Viki/INFO] Yunho’s Drama Meloholic Teasers and Behind the Scenes + Twitter/Facebook Event (Ends Today)!

Viki will sub Yunho’s upcoming drama “Meloholic”, and a Twitter/Facebook event has been announced on 171019-20.



Event period: Oct 19-23 (PST)

  • On Twitter (here):

What questions have you always wanted to ask idols/actors? Write your question with #MeloHolicMystery to be featured:


  • On Facebook: write your questions as a comment here




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[Instagram] 171023 Don’t Miss TVXQ’s Episode for JTBC TV’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” (on 171025 at 10:50 PM)!


JTBC TV’s official instagram posting teasers of TVXQ’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together”! Episode will be broadcast on 171025 at 10:50 PM (KST)!
Other than official apps, you could stream the show here (choose one of the three JTBC mirror links at the general tab) or here (using this tutorial).


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[TVXQ! IG] 171023 Yunho’s Drama Meloholic 2nd Teaser Posted! Broadcast on OCN on 171106~

Is that Yunho posting it > w <? Let’s anticipate the drama! You can find the teaser subbed on Viki here~



please look forward a lot Continue reading