[News-Soompi] 171011 3 Things To Look Forward To In TVXQ’s Yunho And Kyung Soo Jin’s Drama “Meloholic”

3 Things To Look Forward To In TVXQ’s Yunho And Kyung Soo Jin’s Drama “Meloholic”


“Meloholic” has released a new still of the main couple of TVXQ’s Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin, along with three points to look out for while watching the drama.

The drama is based on a webtoon of the same name and is the story of Yoo Eun Ho (Yunho), who is able to read people’s minds, and Han Ye Ri/Han Joo Ri (Kyung Soo Jin), who has a split personality. “Meloholic” will be a mixture of a romantic comedy and a thriller, and here are three things to look for:

1. Yunho and Kyung Soo Jin’s fresh and interesting characters

“Meloholic” is set to be Yunho’s first drama since being discharged from the military. He will play the role of “the legendary” Yoo Eun Ho, who uses his mind-reading powers to help guys around him understand women and relationships better. He and Kyung Soo Jin are set to embark on a relationship that goes between fantasy and insanity in a fun and exciting storyline.

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[Non-Fanacc] 171011 On Yunho Helping with Birthday Cake of a Student who Played with his Army Band



I stay in the area where the army band {t/n: doesn’t mean it is yunho’s army band} is located & our school’s band also plays with them. Sometimes, celebrities will come and I got to see Yunho, Shindong, Lee Jang-woo such soul (i.e: seoul) stars and in a year, even got to perform with Yunho up to 4 times. He really Continue reading

[INFO] 171011 Tohoshinki’s Why Appears in Billboard Japan HOT100 Twitter Rank with Upcoming Music Station!

東方神起 Why?[Keep Your Head Down] appeared on Billboard Japan HOT100 twitter rank for the week of 171016, probably due to fans excitement over the upcoming Music Station! It’s currently ranked at No.17 for the week of .


Yunho’s Drop was spotted there as No.16 for this week in terms of Twitter ranks (previous week No.11), and No.83 on Billboard Japan HOT100 overall for this week.

for the Download charts this week, Yunho’s Drop was ranked No.54~

Regarding Billboard Japan twitter ranking, the way we remember it, it seems to be related to fans (in Japan?) including hashtags of artist name and song title in their tweets! We are not entirely positive if they should Continue reading

[INFO] 171011 #U_Know Yunho’s #Drop as No.2 on Gaon Social Chart for Week 9/24-30! @TVXQ

Yunho’s Drop charted as No.2 on Gaon Social Chart for Week 9/24-30!

We are not familiar with this chart yet. Apparently, it counts points from YouTube, Twitter, and YinYueTai.

For twitter, looking at other fandoms, it seems that you don’t only include hashtags of the song and artist, but also mention the artist (@TVXQ). If you know more about it, please shares > <!! Continue reading

[INFO/Audio] 171011 Tohoshinki’s Doushite (Re-recording ver) Tops Mu-mo’s Real Time Single Ranking~

Tohoshinki’s “Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattandarou? (Re-recording version)” have been provided as an advance digital release on mu-mo for Begin Again Album buyers until 10/24 11.59PM!

You can listen to the longer (than the website) preview from mu-mo: here.

Currently, it’s topping the real time single ranking, and it’s been up for some hours now~

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