[INFO/Fanacc] 171018 Tohoshinki’s 『anan』as Best Seller Magazine in Several Charts; Difficult to Find on Stores

Tohoshinki’s 『anan』10/25 Issue was/is topping magazine chart of several stores, and many fans on twitter reported limited stock or issue selling out on various stores ^^*



  • Rakuten Japan:

Rakuten Books Magazine(all genre) weekly #1

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[PIC] 171018 Posters of Tohoshinki’s 『anan』Issue Spotted at Different Locations in Osaka and Tokyo Stations

Posters of Tohoshinki’s cover were spotted at different stations in Osaka and Tokyo!

Tohoshinki Comeback Special for Japanese magazine 『anan』Issue 2074  was released on 171018. Remember to order your own copy at Amazon Japan: here (available on Kindle as well), or at other online stores such as CD Japan.


  • Namba Station, Osaka

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[VID/DL] 171018 Preview of TVXQ’s Episode for JTBC TV’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” (Broadcast 10/25)

TVXQ’s 2nd show with host Kang Hodong after their comeback is coming up soon! JTBC TV’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” will be broadcast on 171025 at 10:50 PM (KST)! It looks like it is going to be another funny and exciting appearance > w <!

In the preview, you can see Yunho showing the cast around in Yangju, at which he served, and he also met his army general! [cr: @snxy]

The preview has been uploaded on official channels here and here, but it’s been deleted already. So below is a fan uploaded one:

[cr: Re-upload by @0206yhken]



it’s been re-uploaded officially~


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[Trans] 171018 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 4 (FINAL)

Please make sure to thank the translator for her continuous translation of this segment until the end \ (*^ω^*)/


How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~ part.4 (FINAL) video can be found: here, or:




T: The question is what is your ideal image of a man? I guess you will continue to mature and become more masculine…
CM: Yes, I should not take it for granted that I always have someone with me, rather I should make sure that I will protect/support them. For example, if a man has his family, he should protect/support his family. If it is about work, I should do my best. I think a man has some thoughts like that is ideal.
T: I see. That is your ideal man.
CM: Yes
T: Okay
CM: I want to be a man with such a warm heart and I think that this is an important aspect.
T: I see. That sounds really cool.
CM: Well.. thank you!
T: I guess I should work harder to become a man like that too.
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