[Trans] 171005 TVXQ’s “glutinous rice chemistry” to Shine Today on Happy Together 3~

Broadcast at 11:10PM~

Happy Together3 preview, Changmin “I wanted to be SJ, not TVXQ”

During the recording, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s opposite personalities were revealed and based on that, drew attention by bringing up various episodes. That day, Choikang Changmin said, “it’s been tough as Yunho hyung is such a high-spirited person,” “between us, Yunho hyung is a ‘passion {t/n: can also be taken to mean enthusiasm here} chaebol’, and I call him “Passion Mansour”, evoking laughter with his revelation of U-Know Yunho’s excessive? passion. In addition, on his own personality, “I don’t like competition, I like Continue reading


[INFO] 171004 #U_Know Yunho’s Station Release #Drop Ranks as No.35 on Billboard Japan Hot 100 for Week 10/09~

Although the boys’ songs are SM stations with no promotions or physical copy release to contribute to the points, Yunho’s Drop appeared on Billboard Japan Hot 100 for the week of 2017/10/09~

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