[Highlight] 171029 On Tohoshinki’s CMs Airing for an Hour at Shibuya’s Scramble Crossing on 10/28 with High Visibility due to Halloween


News on Tohoshinki’s MVs were aired for one hr on the 5 large screens at Shibuya’s scramble crossing on 10/28, aired as part of Tohoshinki’s #BeginAgain /Jpn comeback promotions. Super high visibility as 10/28 was Halloween weekend.

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[Trans] 171030-31 News on Yunho’s Drama Meloholic Press Conference and Comments + Broadcast Details

This post is a compilation of Yunho’s drama meloholic news articles from the press conference, as well as links to the drama broadcast platforms~


News Articles:


‘Meloholic’ is a “sweet and savage love fantasy” about a man with supernatural ability who is incapable of having relationships and a woman with a dual personality who is unable to have relationships. U-Know Yunho plays the role of Yoo Eun Ho who is a returning student that is known as a legend for rescuing men through his supernatural ability of being able to read women’s thoughts. Kyung Soojin plays Han Yeri/Han Juri, who is a woman with a dual personality. Continue reading

[PIC/Audio] 171031 New TVXQ! x JEJUair Photos on Streets and Nov Magazine+ TVXQ’s Message at Gimpo Airport Station

New photos of TVXQ! x JEJUair were found on street ads and on JEJUair in-flight magazine November issue!

The ads that looked like instagtam posts used two instagram accounts for Yunho (uknow_jejuair) and Changmin (max_jejuair) that were found to exist as private ones that JEJUair has probably made for this purpose~

The post also includes another recording of TVXQ’s message at Gimpo Airport Station~




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[Trans] 171031 TVXQ, yet Another New Record on Oricon, Only Foreign Male Artistes in History


Tohoshinki (TVXQ) have yet again set a new record on the Oricon chart. On the 31st, Oricon revealed, “In the first week of release for Tohoshinki’s new album ‘FINE COLLECTION~ Begin Again~’, about 130,000 over copies were sold, attaining first place on the weekly album ranking.” This would be Tohoshinki’s 6th time attaining 1st place on the Oricon Album chart, making them the first amongst foreign male artists in history to do so. By doing so, Continue reading

[VID] 171030 SHINee on Learning about Shirt Garter Belts for Performances from TVXQ! Wearing them for Concerts

On the 172nd episode of JTBC’s “Non Summit”, SHINee mentioned TVXQ! referring to their shirt garters! TVXQ fans has pointed out such an observation before for some of TVXQ’s performances before they enlisted~


Watch the video: here,

SHINee says the shirt garter belt is the item they use on stage to keep their shirts in because of their intense choreography. Minho said he discovered it from TVXQ – went to a concert and saw them wearing it

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[PIC/Fancam] 171031 TVXQ! at Gimpo Airport Heading to Japan~

TVXQ! went to Japan again~ good luck with the tour preparations!
some cute episodes from today: we have often seen Changmin waiting behind the glass door for Yunho to finish checking in, this time it was Yunho’s turn stopping to wait for Changmin so they walk in together~ [cr: via @kzyc_cy], and then there was manager hyung fixing Yunho’s backpack’s zipper > w <





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[VID] 171031 JP TV News on Tohoshinki’s New Record as the 1st Overseas Male Artist with 6 Albums Ranking 1st on Oricon~


JP TV news reporting  Tohoshinki’s new record as the first overseas male artist with 6 albums ranking 1st on Oricon~



  • Mezamachi TV

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