[Trans] 171007 “as Expected of the King”, TVXQ on Music Station for their 1st JP Appearance after Discharge

“as Expected of the King..TVXQ, on Music Station”

On the upcoming 13th, Tohoshinki (TVXQ’s Japanese name) will be appearing on Music Station’s 2-hour broadcast special. This has received attention as it will be the duo’s first Japan broadcast activity since their discharge. Commonly referred to as “M-Sta”, the ‘Music Station’ programme that Tohoshinki will be appearing on is known proudly to Continue reading

[INFO] 171006 Album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ on Yamano Music Store Pre-order Weekly Chart~

Tohoshinki’s Japanese album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ as No.3 on Yamano Music Store Pre-order Chart for both week 10/4 and previously 9/23.
On top came Arashi and Namie Amuro’s retirement best album.

  • 10/4

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[VID] 171007 Tohoshinki on CDTV for October’s Album Express, and Yunho’s Drop as No.36 for CDTV Original Ranking

Tohoshinki’s Japanese album FINE COLLECTION~Begin Again~ appeared on CDTV ‘s October’s Songs and Album Express~

In addition, Yunho’s Drop appeared in CDTV’s original (Weekly) ranking as No.36!

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