[Trans] 171025 News Articles on TVXQ for JTBC TV’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” (Today at 10:50 PM!)


Highlights of some of the news reporting on TVXQ’s “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” episode today~! (soon at 10:50 PM (KST)
Other than official apps, you could stream the show here (choose one of the three JTBC mirror links at the general tab) or here (using this tutorial).



(▲JTBC '한끼줍쇼')

Excerpt Translation:

.. during that time, Choikang Changmin said carefully to Lee Kyung-kyu: “as you know, (you) and Ho Dong-ie hyung’s dispositions are completely different.” Following on, he asked a straightforward question, “until when do you think (the both of you) would (do the programme)?” {t/n: Changmin’s speech was respectful and used honorifics}
At the question, a flustered Lee Kyung-kyu laughed and said “you TVXQ also gone on for a long time.” At that, Choikang Changmin said, arousing laughter “my disposition is totally different as well, as it is it different, I think (we were) able to go on for a long time.”

[cr: BizEnter, Translated by @snxy]


  • TVXQ Yunho:..Final Round Boss “Success even in failure”

As befitting U-Know Yunho is known as “Passion Man”, he is famous for having exceptional passion (enthusiasm). Before pressing the bell, U-Know Yunho sparked his firm will on the matter of success (in getting invited in to share a meal) by revealing, “(If I fail at getting a meal), I would go to a convenience store and use my money to buy housewarming paper {t/n: in KR culture, toilet paper is usually given as a housewarming present to symbolize a smooth flow in the new household}. I don’t have fear when it comes to failure,” calling it “(*Operation Staking The Battle* on) Toilet Paper”. However, Choikang Changmin disclosed his contrasting opinion by saying “I will do my best but I could fail.” At this, U-Know Yunho said “I think of failure as success as well,” rousing laughter with his steady and unrelenting passion.

*{t/n: The term used 배수진 means going all out/staking everything on xx. I came up with that description as the closest to the idea behind the word used.

[cr: MBN via naver, Translated by @snxy]


  • Yunho: (on cont despite split pants) as i didn’t want to disrupt the energy of the flow with the audience.. [cr: 국제신문, Translated by @snxy]




As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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