[Trans] 171026 “Let’s Eat Dinner Together” TVXQ, Meeting of the Soulmates.. Delightful Familial Love.


“Let’s Eat Dinner Together” TVXQ, Meeting of the Soulmates.. Delightful Familial Love.

Lee Kyung-kyu and Choikang Changmin succeeded on their first try. They were just in time as their 3 generation family were about to barbecue meat to eat for their meal. After arranging the staff’s shoes, Choikang Changmin entered the kitchen and with the words, ‘perhaps there is something I can help with? Please make sure to tell me,’ and started preparing for the meal together with the pleaant mother-daughter pair. Kang Ho Dong and U-Know Yunho met a family of variety (entertainment) gods. Kang Ho Dong met his lookalike ‘Little Ho Dong’ on the second try and succeeded in getting a meal. The mother was also a pro with her broadcast variety skills. At every (serving) of side dish, she talked about episodes effortlessly, upon which, Kang Ho Dong faced the mother and did a thumbs-up saying “you are doing the broadcast well.’

On the episode of LEDT, TVXQ’s easily succeeded at getting meals. Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho were impressed by the warmth of the families.

That day, the Kyu-Dong (Kyung-kyu + Ho Dong) siblings met their soulmates in TVXQ. Yunho’s insistence that ‘Today, I would definitely succeed in getting a meal. Even if I fail, it’s a success,’ was unquestionably that of a ‘Passion Mansoor’. Besides saluting his former army officer, he was just like Kang Ho Dong, greeting every passing resident like a tempest. He also added that during his army days, BoA and Red Velvet came to visit. Choikang Changmin and Lee Kyung-kyu revealed that they suffered from heavy exhaustion. Lee Kyung-kyu was happy, saying “you match me well” (to Changmin)

The first house that Yunho went to had nobody in. Following that, Changmin stealthily went to the neighbouring house to greet. That house had a family who had gathered together and were about to barbecue meat. The parents were surprised at Lee Kyung-kyu and Kang Ho Dong’s appearance, while the children were surprised by TVXQ’s appearance.

Although Choikang Changmin and Lee Kyung-kyu passionately asked for permission, the father left the decision to the mother. At that, the youngest grand-daughter waved her hand. According to ‘LEDT’ rules, as long as one person objected, there can be no entry. The two then used all their charms to ask for permission and finally, the grand-daughter drew a circle with both hands (meaning yes). In that way, Lee Kyung-kyu and Changmin succeeded in getting a meal at their first house.

Upon asking, that household was a family that knew variety (entertainment). They explained that the son-in-law is an uncle of NRG (90s’ group called New Radiancy Group)’s Noh Yoo Min, with the daughter belonging to the generation of H.O.T, the son to (the group) g.o.d.’s, the father to Na Hoon-a’s (60s’ trot singer), the mother to Cho Young-pil’s and the son-in-law to S.E.S’.

YunHoDong (Yunho x Kang Ho Dong) also immediately succeeded at getting a meal at their second house. Kang Ho Dong was surprised when he saw a kid that looked just like him. As if they were siblings, Kang Ho Dong played around with the kid. The kid’s nickname was Pig-Kid (Pig xx), while his sister was Bea-Kid (Beaver xx).

That household’s dinner had beef bone soup as the main course. As the father was busy working as a bus driver in Seoul, he would be late in getting home. However, in one of the home’s photographs, their familial harmony could be seen. Kang Ho Dong and Yunho enjoyed their pleasant dinner. Kang Ho Dong showed his warm affection unstintingly through his combination with the “Pig-Kid”




Translated by @snxy: here,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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