[INFO] 171028 「Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」x Fukuoka: Tohoshinki Niwaka Senpei + Toho Shin-Shin Ramen!!

Avex also announced food collaborations planned for 「東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~」to be sold at stores at Fukuoka stop: Toundo’s「Niwaka Senpei」and Hakata Junjou Ramen「Shin-Shin」’s Tonkotsu (Pig Bone) Ramen!
○ Toundo
Lmited quantities of Yunho and Changmin’s faces for a Niwaka Senpei, including a Hakata Niwaka paper mask (Yunho and Changmin version) as a free gift:
「Tohoshinki Niwaka Senpei 3 small pieces x 4 boxes 」 ¥864 (Tax included)
On Sale 11/11 (Sat)
※4 boxes (3pieces per box) set.

◆Product Information:
Ingredients:Sugar, Flour, Egg, raising agent.
Best consumed during 60 days from production date.
  List of stores at website.
Shin-Shin tonkotsu (pig bone) ramen special for Tohoshinki as a 3 servings box and as an item on some of its restaurants menu at Fukuoka~
「Toho Shin-Shin Ramen」
① 「Toho Shin-Shin Ramen[3 Servings/with Original Topping]」as a souvenir set on sale 11/11 (Sat)
1,620 Yen (Tax included)
List of stores at website.
②「Toho Shin-Shin Ramen」as an original menu at the store on sale 11/20 (Mon)
870 Yen (Tax included)
 List of stores at website.
{p/n: the logo has two chefs instead of Shin Shin’s one for Tohoshinki ^^*}




Tohoshinki Official Website, and Hakata Shin Shin Website,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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