[Instagram] 180209 Yunho’s DROP Back-up Dancer with Changmin at YouR PresenT in Seoul After Party (171001)


One of Yunho’s DROP back-up dancers with Changmin At SMT Seoul Restaurant for TVXQ’s Special Comeback Live YouR PresenT after-party on 171001.

Says it had been an honour & that everyone worked hard and took care of them.


엄청 영광스럽고 중요한 사진인데 이제보니 필터가 너무 흐려서 다시 업로드!!😢
171001 After stage in smt chungdam
어릴때 우상으로 tv로만 접하던 동방신기!
너무 영광이었고 함께한 모든 분들의 노고와 배려에 감동받았습니다
#동방신기 #TVXQ #유노윤호 #UKNOW #최강창민 #MAX #Drop #SM #smt #뒤풀이#dancer




bqmberman: here,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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