[PIC] 171015 TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – in Macau at Studio City (Part.3)

Despite the typhoon hitting the city, TVXQ! Special Comeback Live – YouR PresenT – in Macau was held at the Studio City Event Center with a delayed start (From 6PM) at 8PM ChinaST! The show was similar to Seoul’s except for no letters-reading segment. Huge thanks to all the fans who made it despite all these conditions, and those who couldn’t, we are glad that you are safe and we hope you get to seem them on another chance ; ;
We pray for everyone’s safety on their way back!

Songs List:

-Intro VCR-
너의 남자 (Your Man)
-MC- : Comments on past photos; PresenT #01 (catch dolls)
-VCR (Here I Stand: footage of their solo MVs filming)-
Here I Stand {p/n: it was a VCR not a live}
In a Different Life [Changmin’s Solo]
How Can I (믿기 싫은 이야기)
항상 곁에 있을게 (Always With You)
-MC- : PresenT #02 (Drawing) 
넌 나의 노래 (You’re My Melody)
-VCR- : Changmin eating; Yunho at gym; TVXQ’s rehearsals
Drop [Yunho’s Solo]
I Don’t Know
Why? Keep Your Head Down
Catch Me
-Ending MC-






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As we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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