[Fancam] 170401 Sergeant Yunho’s Performance for 26th Division Concert at Yangju Culture and Arts Centre~

Our sergeant Yunho co-emceed and performed at the Concert for Citizens and Army Personnel held at Yangju Culture and Arts Centre!
This was his last public concert as a soldier, and he delivered fantastically as a stage director, mc, and performer~
It is his goodbye stage to his fellow army mates too, and you can see how he made sure everyone is jumping and dancing along, fans or soldiers!

He performed with TVXQ dancers, and fans has spotted his parents and his sister Jihye (with her husband) attending ^^~

[cr: @kabo2428]

Performance list included:

Lee Moon Sae medley
JAM + Honey
취중진담 (Drunken Confession) by Kim Dong Ryul
The way you are + Rising Sun + Why Medley
Encore: Somebody to Love



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Yunho talking about how he misses Changmin

tying his shoelaces~


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As we have indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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