[Fanacc] 170419 On Fans Encountering Officer Changmin Nearby Hyoja Bakery~


Fan was going to buy coffee aft Hyoja Bakery. when she saw Changmin in front of the police station in uniform. she was so surprised she hid behind a treeㅋ

Changmin was saying fighting to the officers on the bus while getting off, smiling while carrying his nike bag. possibly from an event? looked happyㅠ

Fan also met Changmin in uniform bidding goodbye to his colleagues on the bus aftter going to Hyoja Bakery (same time as previous) his ankle..fringe… crazyㅠ




Another account, but regarding Hyoja Bakery:

fan went to hyoja bakery and said she was a yunho fan- the oppas knew he was gonna discharge tomorrow and said congrats, even clapping+cheering. Also recently, changmin had been calling before coming to the bakery. (Haha, was it to check if fans were there / bread leftover??)

[cr: @uknow212max1, Translated by @snxy]






Fanaccount by @YHCM0618_WITHU and @2618yhcm,
Translated by @snxy: 1, 2 and 3,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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