[Non-fanacc] 170419 Yunho’s Discharge News Articles Trending!! People he Encountered Left Comments~


Yunho’s discharge news ranked in top 5 of most read, most commented on!!

Receiving attention equally from korean females and males~

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Comments and Non-fanaccounts:

Translations by @snxy:

  • euna****
    a dongsaeng I know did an event with yunho in the army before and I recall he (dongsaeng) praising (yunho) for having no airs and being sincere even though he’s a real celebrity.
  • khjy****
    I had work in the army for a concert, and amongst all the celebrities who were soldiers that I’ve met, (yunho) courteously greeted, and was nice to me.. whenever he goes, he’ll do well! Congratulations on the discharge ^^
  • Kenn****
    after going back (to camp) after a break, yunho came for an encouragement concert so I saw him for real. he is tall, his face is small, tanned, and looked like he had gone through a lot (worked hard). We enjoyed (the concert) and he took pictures with everyone one-by-one, so it left a good impression. Finally, he’s discharging. Congratulations. After that, I became a fan. I will support you.

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My son was from the 26th division basic training camp so this feels closer. As part of the army band, ordinarily (he) could just have done that but no, 26th division’s mechanised infantry is really a tough place. Handsome and worthy of pride. What’s more, Special Class Soldier^^

I had met U-Know when he was out on breakㅋㅋ I asked for a handshake but he gave me a hug as well, you can tell his personality is really nice. Magnanimous and handsome.

[cr: via @2618yhcm]


U-Know Yunho? I don’t know Yunho.. however in around spring of 2016, he came to the hospital I was working at of the morning of an army personnel + citizens concert, to get treatment. The hospital director told him not to use his voice and to rest.. but he was stubborn and said he had to perform. He was on an IV drip for a short time of 10 minutes and left. I read later in an article that he completed the event, really cool.

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